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Do you ever dream about going to a place? 

A country, a city, a beach, a mountain?

I did. About a lot of places, but there was one more persistent than all the others and that had a special place in my heart.

I have dreamed - and daydreamed - for more than 10 years about traveling to India. You might ask why - as a lot of people did - but there is no answer.

A part of my luggage to India

Although the idea was born in my head when I was a teenager – the passing days, months and years gave no rational explanation for my desire.

… Maybe because I’ve found the concepts of Buddhism and Hinduism absolutely fascinating.

… Maybe because I was so many times amazed by the richness of colors I associated with India.

…Maybe because as the time passed I have found out that a lot of people whom I find inspiring also lived here for a while or at least visited this country.

A moment from my 16-hours long journey from Budapest to Chennai

Or I might have wanted to see if I am really capable of turning my desires into reality.

Last year I have felt that it is now or never. So I have made the decision. And as 2017 was approaching, my over-the-seas-and-far-away journey also was.

On the dawn of 20th of January I have arrived after 16 hours of travel to the land of myths. My plane landed in the Southern part of the country, in Chennai – formerly known as Madras. For 200 days with 1 suitcase and 1 backpack. 30 kilos.


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The one and only family trip to remember


Mid April the Hollywood of India was on our visiting list. We went without concrete plans, just to escape Chennai for a few days.
After traveling to Mumbai (or Bombay) I have realized that probably while I am in India I will never have any trip (or day) without unforeseen incidents. My life was filled with random moments even before my arrival, but here everything was multiplied by at least ten. Yes, I had moments of despair, but now I believe ultimately the lesson is about learning how to handle obstacles without becoming desperate.

The challenges started with our departure from Chennai, when Karyati, my friend from Indonesia, caught the flight only by miracle. That was the moment when I've become sure that time can be both expanded and narrowed. 
But after this early-morning stress, the flight itself was a blessing. When we have arrived, around 7 am to Mumbai, the friends whom we were supposed to meet were still sleeping so we have googled the closest coffee place, Lucky Cafe, …



On the plane from Abu Dhabi to Chennai I was sitting near an Indian woman who was traveling with her daughter of only a few months. She was from Delhi, but for the past few years they have been living in the Netherlands. When I told her that I am going to live in South India for the next 6 months she said: I don’t want to discourage you, but I think you will have a hard time. Because of food. Mainly.

Even without this comment, I was concerned about the food (even though I went to a few Indian restaurants before in my life). Everybody was warning me that it will be way tooooo spicy for me. And that I’ll have to be careful what I eat. Because food is not as hygienic as the one I am used to. But still, I wasn’t feeling discouraged.
When I was 14 I became a vegetarian in a town where being one had no culture. I got a lot of criticism and warnings when I’ve changed my diet. Like “you will get sick”, “you can’t survive without meat”, “we were meant to eat meat” etc. But I was stubborn…